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3:46 pm - Thurs 11.06.2008
A New Era?

A New Era?

"I'm preparing myself for the fact that peace and happiness are not going to suddenly break out."

That was a voter quoted in a New York Times article about the election, and it pretty much speaks to where I am right now; I'm very happy about how things went on Tuesday, and hopeful for the future, but also reminding myself that life in the here-and-now is going to go on much as it has.

And the happiness I'm feeling, that "my side" is running things now, is tempered by the fact that Prop 8 passed (In fact, measures banning gay marriage - and in one state, gay couples adopting - passed in every state they were on the ballot; apparently homophobia is the last remaining acceptable prejudice, at least for a majority of the voting population).

Well, more on this later, but right now, I'm off to work my Thursday Weight Watchers meeting...


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