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4:06 pm - Fri 11/16/07
Not Quite Dead Yet

Not Quite Dead Yet

Well, this is happy news: I have a theatrical audition - for a mid-season show called Eli Stone - at UDK on Tuesday.

(UDK is the office that brought me in for Nip/Tuck, and more recently for Journeyman)

Always nice to get a theatrical audition, because I never get enough of those. But it's particularly nice when I've been feeling like the year might be over for me in that regard, cause of the strike.

I also have a commercial audition on Monday, at Melissa Martin casting (She brought me in for the Bahamavention spot, amongst other things).

I saw her at ArcLight last week, and we talked a little about how the strike might impact commercials.

JS thinks it may hurt commercials if it goes on long enough (Advertisers not wanting to waste their money on tv no one's watching), but Melissa had another view - the networks will have to lower ad rates, so there might actually be more commercials, since they'll be getting such a great deal.

I like JS a great deal, and think he knows his stuff, but in this case, I hope he's wrong, and Melissa is right.

Anyway, it's off to work...


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