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3:24 pm - Fri 8/01/03
With you, my dear, never a 'quickie'. Always, a 'longie'...\"

"With you, my dear, never a 'quickie'. Always a 'longie'..."

Anyone know what movie that quote is from...?

Not a lot of time to do this, but wanted to say a little something...

Actually got a vote from one of my readers to keep the italics. And I probably will, at least to some degree. I just don't want to be overly-emphatic, which I think I was starting to do.

But anyway...

I finished the agent listing book I was using for my mailings--45 headshots sent out to 45 agencies (I actually got a response back from one agency. It was a rejection, but I was happy they at least opened the envelope!).

I think the $10 spent for the book was worth it. I'm sure I would have spent much more blindly sending out headshots to every agency in town; That would have been a waste, since a lot of agencies specialize in a given "type" (Kids, ethic actors, models, etc), do not take non-union actors, or just aren't looking for new actors at this point.

It occurred to me that I could, once I get my HBO commercial tape, send copies of it to all the voiceover agencies. Obviously, it doesn't show a lot of versatility, since I'm just doing the one thing, but it's me front-and-center, doing a lot of talking. They'd certainly be able to hear my voice, hear how I handle dialogue, etc and so on.

Beyond that, I don't think there's much else to do on this front now until and unless something else happens (Getting the HBO commercial provided the impetus for this initial effort). If I get in a show, get another commercial, whatever, I can then do another mailing, to set up in their minds that I'm a guy who's going places.

Speaking of going places...Checking Backstage yesterday, I realized that I'm already kind of at the point where most of the listings are for things that will either run over into September, or actually start in September.

I'm not comfortable with the idea of not doing anything for the next month, but while I'm not going to refuse work if it comes to me, I also can't see, at this point, making a concerted effort to have a conflict that won't allow me to go back to Michigan next month.

Well, as much as it pains me, it's time for work...


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