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3:20 pm - Tues 7.29.2008
Rockin' My World

Rockin' My World

Before things get rolling, I wanted to say "Thanks" - 1)To Alan, for visiting (And leaving a comment on) my new blog.
2) To "Billy Bob", for the bug info (Wow - As a major-league slob, roach control seems pretty friggin' daunting without professional assistance), and 3) To the rest of you who've visited the aforementioned website, and have clicked on the ad (I've made $3.07 so far). Please keep visiting, and most importantly, keep clicking (It would be nice if it generated enough income to actually pay a monthly bill or two).

Got a little more excitement than I was looking for earlier today; as I was chatting online with Jane sometime after 11:00 a.m., a 5.4 earthquake hit LA.

(Afterwards, I was like, "Holy crap, Jane! We just had an earthquake!!!")

I'm still not very quick on the draw when these things happen, in part because, happily, they don't happen too often (And I guess I'm still a Midwestern boy at heart); by the time I got past my initial "WTF?" reaction and moved away from the computer and towards an interior doorway, the rocking and rolling - more "rolling" than "rocking", really - was already over.

(Checking CNN, the quake didn't do any real damage, beyond a broken water-main or two. Still, it was strong enough to give one pause - And it reminded me that, beyond a wind-up powered radio/flashlight, I have no real "emergencies supplies" on hand.)

Beyond an exciting couple seconds, today's shifting of the earth didn't have much impact on my day, at least not as much as Molly's email saying tonite's ACG workshop was canceled - So many people had called to cancel that she was down to four people attending (Yours Truly being one of the four).

That really is a worrisome development to me, how often workshops get canceled (Particularly when it's because of flaky actors). It seems to be a problem that's gotten much worse since I first started with ACG.

While I long to be past the point of needing workshops (Because all the casting people who matter know me and have called me in), I don't feel I'm "there" just yet. And I would miss the camaraderie of ACG if it weren't there, along with the opportunity to "show off" as an actor.

But beyond my own selfish needs and desires, I like Molly (Who took over ACG from Brett, who's now my "Manager"), and I don't want to see her go under - When the subject of ACG came up the last time I was at one of her and Jen's Sunday dinners, the stress of trying to keep things afloat was evident, as she barely held back the tears.

So anyway, no workshop for Jim, which means I've got nothing on my dance-card till another workshop on Thursday (Which hopefully won't get canceled).

So with nothing but time on my hands, there's no excuse not to blog my little heart out over the next two days; I've got three "active" blogs/journals right now - this one, my MySpace page, and the new one - which leaves me wondering if I actually have three blogs'-worth of things to say (I actually kind of think I do, if I make the effort).

And it'll be a good time for those long walks/bike rides; this past week, I had the excuse that it was "a short week", but when I get on the scale at Weight Watchers this coming Sunday, I want at least a one-lb loss.

At least.


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