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11:01 am - Thu 2/27/03
On the run

On The Run

This is probably going to be a short one, unless I type very fast and don't obsessively read over what I've written...

I'm at the internet cafe on Wilshire, because my phone line has died (It's been acting up quite a bit lately--Yesterday I couldn't get online, and when I did, couldn't stay online). And while I was ready, willing, and able to use the computers at the library--I just got back from there--they don't open on Thursday till noon.

Anyway...Someone's theoretically coming from the phone company tomorrow, but in the interim, if you want to e-mail me, you should use my hotmail address ([email protected]).

Well, in the news from Jimlandia...I did see Far From Heaven, and I thought it was great!

I was intrigued by the fact that it was so stylized, and at the same time, so...heartfelt. We live in an ironic age, so it was odd, and kind of refreshing, to see what's basically a 50's melodrama not played for laughs (The analogy I found myself making was with going to see well-done Shakespeare; At first, the language and style seem strange, but you get into it, and once you do, you're just watching people be people).

Had another audition yesterday, at a casting place on Ventura (Vicky Groggin, I think it was). It was for a company called Pacificare, for the part of a psychiatrist (Not bad casting, I wouldn't think).

But again, I found myself disappointed with how I did.

If I had to get it down to one word that I think is the crux of my problem, it would be "flexibility", or "adaptability"; Circumstances always feel like they're a little off, or somehow not what I expected, and I lose what I had in rehearsal.

Anyway, it makes me think that you have to log those hundreds of auditions just so you can get the hang of rolling with whatever circumstance presents itself.

And my time--I had some left over on a card from the last time I was here--is almost over, so I've got to fly...


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