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4:13 pm - Fri 11/24/06
Thanksgiving '06

Thanksgiving '06
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

My Thanksgiving was actually better than I thought it would be...

In the morning, I finally managed to get together with Karianne--a coworker at ArcLight--to do my new headshots (For various reasons, two previous appointments had been scheduled, then cancelled).

I'd had some concerns about the early hour (We got together around 8:30 in the a.m.), but I didn't feel too tired, and was somewhat energized over just the idea of getting it done. And while I don't know how things turned out yet, she shot a lot, and shot it pretty fast, but at the same time seemed meticulous about getting it right.

So we'll see how it went (Hopefully, I'll have some sample shots up in here before too long).


On Wednesday, I saw Deja Vu with Donald, Howard, Matt G., and some of Donald and Matt's friends (These are all ArcLight people, by the way).

(The movie was all right, but don't rush out and see it on my account. I wouldn't have seen it myself, but it was the only thing that everyone was "okay" with seeing. Which is a problem whenb you're seeing movies with a group.)

Anyway, while we were hanging out, Donald invited me to a Thanksgiving thing he and Matt were organizing.

Now you'd think, having nowhere to go for for Thanksgiving--and just having whined in here about being "lonely"--that I'd jump at being invited somewhere. But I was decidedly ambivalent about going; I'm always afraid I'm going to be bored, or boring, at things like this, not having anything to say to anyone, and trapped in my uncomfortableness for hours, when I'd really rather be home, watching tv or playing on my computer.

But I did go, and it was fun.

It was a pot-luck, but fortunately for me, by the time I was in the mix, there wasn't really anything left to bring, so I just bought a couple liters of Coke, and a bottle of unopened vodka I'd had since New Years (Knowing my ArcLight poeple, I figured someone would drink it).

Donald did a very nice turkey, and Efrain contributed some great mashed potatoes (The highlights of the food, in my opinion), and there were five different pies (Pumpkin, cherry, banana cream, chocolate cream, and...I can't remember the last one. But being the polite guy I am, of course, I had to have one of each, weight concerns be damned).

I got there at Noon, and Matt actually had to be at work at 4:00, so that worked out pretty well; I felt like I was able to enjoy being there, but get out before the conversational well ran dry (And before "my stories"--Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy--were on later that evening).

So that was my Thanksgiving. Better than last year--when I went to the Laugh Factory's free Thanksgiving dinner (Which made me feel like a homeless person)--and even better than my tradition of previous years, which was to eat a box of Cap'n Crunch (With "Crunchberries", since it is, after all, the holidays).

I hope your holidays were equally festive.

But now, my holiday comes to a screeching halt, as off to work I go...


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