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4:20 pm - Thurs 11/9/06
Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday: The Democrats take Congress, And I Was On Nip/Tuck

Looking, for a moment, beyond my most immediate surroundings...

I've been following the news the past couple days, waiting to see if the Democrats would take control of the Senate as well as the House after Tuesday's elections.

And this morning, I read on that they had.

And I'm happy about it, don't get me wrong--this is the best thing that's happened at the polls in years, far as I'm concerned--but I also feel, to a certain extent, the same way I did when the Republicans took power: "Okay, you've got the controls, what are you going to DO with them?".

(In other words, "Don't fuck it up".)

I hope power will not corrupt in this case, and the Democrats will be able to run Congress better than they've run the last couple Presidential campaigns.

But those fears aside, I feel better about the country right now than I have in quite some time.


I wanted to thank the people who emailed and/or commented on seeing my Nip/Tuck episode on election night.

(You're all one up on me--I don't have cable, so I haven't seen it yet myself--but Cary Tivo-ed it, and is putting it on dvd for my archives.)

Tom H. said I had a lot of "face time", which made me feel good, because it meant I didn't screw anything up and make them have to shoot around me (Though I was really only afraid of that in one scene).

I'm happy, too, that the episode seems to have been a big hit with Nip/Tuck fans (From the couple of message boards I've read). I can't take any credit for that, of course, but it's still nice to know I was a small part of something people really enjoyed.

And while it seems doubtful this will "lead to bigger, better things", it's not impossible that some casting director might have watched the episode and thought, "That guy has an interesting look...".

I mean, why not?


Tonite I have a casting workshop for someone from Passions.

I've never actually seen the show, but I know what it is--A soap with supernatural themes--and it sounds like a soap I could actually work on (Or so I've been told).

(I've always thought soaps were only populated with pretty people, but I guess sometimes they need people like me, to remind the audience just how pretty the pretty people are.)


For those of you who are wondering, this is what I'm watching on tv this season:


1. Heroes
2. Studio 60


1. Friday Night Lights
2. Veronica Mars
3. Boston Legal


1. 30 Rock
2. Lost
3. The Nine


1. My Name Is Earl
2. The Office
3. Ugly Betty
4. Gray's Anatomy
5. Six Degrees






1. Desperate Housewives
2. Brothers and Sisters

I'm frustrated about Thursdays, in an "embarrassment of riches" way; If I could, I'd watch everything I currently watch, AND Smallville. But all I've got is one tv and one VCR, so what can I do?

(I guess the answer would be, "Make enough money to get Tivo". As things stand, I only get to watch everything I currently watch on Thursdays if I'm home Thursday nights. Tonite, because of the workshop, I'm having to make the painful decision to tape "Betty", and skip my "Earl"/"Office" comedy combo.)

In recent years, TV has been much more important to me--as both audience member and actor--than movies. I get more pleasure from the tv shows I watch than just about any movie I've seen in recent memory.

And by the same token, as someone who is trying to do this stuff professionally, I'm more excited right now by the comedic/dramatic opportunities offered by television.

That said, I still wouldn't turn down the movies if they came calling.

Well, I plan to devote more D-land space to this very subject--tv and movies-- but right now, I have to get myself cleansed for tonite's workshop fun.

See ya later...


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