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4:51 pm - Sat 9/6/03
The Further Adventures of

The Further Adventures of "Vacation Boy"

Not much time to do a real entry, here, but I wanted to get something down before I get too far behind...

(I'm at Mark and Jane's as I write this. Emily's wedding is at 6:00, and they had to go in early for some pictures. I'm getting a ride to the event with Tom K., the same Tom K. who gave me some of his frequent flier miles and made this whole trip possible.)

I've been having a good time so far...Doing the same half-and-half with Mark and Jane that I do with Cary and Kay when I stay over; I hang out with them until they go to bed, they stay up half the night watching tv (Hopefully, I'll master their slightly-more-complicated -than-usual remote before it's time to go back to LA!).

Ran some errands with Jane on Friday, which gave me the opportunity to see both renovations that have been done with the Riverwalk (New rehearsal space, new shop space, a board room, and a very organized prop area), and the new Schuler Books in the Eastwood Mall, which was built sometime after my reign of terror here in Lansing.

(To clarify; I worked at Schuler Books, which moved, the year after I left, into the Meridian Mall in Okemos; the new store I refer to is a new store that's been open for about a year.)

In the evening, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean with Kevin, and had a great time.

It was really good to see him, and he looked good. Like Yours Truly, the hair is going, but I thought he looked like he was in good shape, and we laughed our asses off our whole time together. It was really fun.

(We were going to have a nostalgic Sunday breakfast, but it conflicted with a post wedding brunch Jane is hosting.)

I was afraid, at one point, that I'd have a lot of time on my hands here, but I have something scheduled pretty much every day during my time here. Lunches and a play and the party and such, enough to feel like it's going to be a full week, but not so much to feel pooped out in advance.

This afternoon, Tom K. gave me a ride to lunch with "The Lunch Bunch", a group of "the old guard" of local theater; Bill and Lee H., Jack D., Marilyn S., and Leonore R., amongst others (Mark and Jane had "wedding stuff" to do, so could not attend).

I had a good time, though Bill seemed concerned that I might have been troubled because, by and large, the talk didn't exactly center around me and my big LA adventure.

In response, I told him that, truth to tell, I didnt' have that much to say. Leonore asked me quite a bit about what was up with me, but beyond that, I just listened to what other people were talking about, and chimed in as seemed appropriate.

Again, a fun time.

Well, there's much more to write about, but Tom K. is due anytime, so I'd best wind it up for now.


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