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11:04 AM - SAT 1.28.23

Pin Me To The Wall

(I don't know when I did an entry last - I didn't check - but it feels like it's been a while...)

As I write this, I have been "pinned" for a small co-star on a teen drama on "Freeform" (Which used to be "ABC Family").

If you've been following along in here, you know what being "pinned" means. But if you haven't, it means that, while they aren't "pulling the trigger" just yet, I might be "The Guy".

Or I might be "The Guy" they'll go with if their first choice can't do it for some reason.

(As you might imagine, I'm hoping it's the former and not the latter.)

(Just got a text for "Nancy" - Clearly, I'm not "Nancy", but I've been getting texts for her periodically for years, all credit-related. I tried to make them stop some time back, but they just kept coming. So now I simply delete them and hope that "Nancy", wherever she is, is having a nice life. But anyway...)

Getting this theatrical"pin" is gratifying - not as gratifying as actually booking the gig, but gratifying nonetheless - because it once again shows that I can do a self-tape good enough for casting to take note (When I do a number of self-tapes and nothing comes of them, I start wondering if something is lacking in the self-tape).

On the other hand, that live commercial callback I had last week? The one where they seemed to love me and everything I stood for?

I didn't get it.

So you just don't know.

The other thing that makes this "pin" somewhat gratifying is it suggests I did the right thing in not going back to Lansing for a return engagement of Acting Like Nothing Is Wrong (It's having a one-week run, starting last night, at Studio C, where we had our two sold-out film-festival screenings a while back).

(If I had gone back to Lansing, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to get the audition done - I would have been "in the air" on Thursday instead of recording the audition with my friend Josh, which was due Friday morning.)

It's a little frustrating, but "it is what it is", as they say - Most times, I have nothing going on in my life. But the moment I do? Immediate conflicts (It's something of an actor cliche that, the moment you go out of town, that's when you get auditions and bookings. But I can tell you from personal experience that it happens).

Another little "point of concern" with the "pin" is that, if it turns into a gig, that gig would be a week or so after my jury duty stint (That starts 2/6) - It doesn't feel like too big a deal (You can postpone jury duty any time up to the Friday afternoon before it starts), but I'd still like to get that worked out ASAP, should I need to.

(I know I could just "pre-emptively" do it - postpone my service - "just in case", but I'd rather not if I don't have to. I'd like to just "get it out of the way".)

Even though it seems I did the right thing in not going back, it did feel a little weird yesterday, to just be "hanging out" here in LA while Jane was watching the film with an audience and doing a solo Q&A afterward.

But really, in the future, with any luck, the film will be having loads of screenings that I won't be attending (Especially if/when it gets a distributor and starts streaming).

And I'm actually glad Jane got a chance to solo without me. While I get a little nervous before speaking, Jane gets more nervous than that. So I think it's good for her to see that, while she enjoys doing Q&As with me (And I with her), she can also handle it just fine on her own, if need be.

So I think that's just about all the news from here.

My plan for the rest of the day is to get cleaned up, see an afternoon matinee of M3GAN, then meet up with Alex (A "fan" who's become a friend, who hits me up when he's in town) at Trejo's Tacos.

I expect fun to be had.

Till next time...



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