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1:45 am - 02.20.2009
A Decision I'll Be Unhappy About Either Way

A Decision I'll Be Unhappy About Either Way (Woo-Hoo!)

Thurs 2/20/09 (11:30 p.m.)

Where to begin...?

Earlier today, I attended a free career workshop for creative types, which was basically a free 90 minute come-on to signing up for the author’s $599 six-week class (But to give it its due, the class does sound pretty worthwhile. But more on that momentarily).

I signed up for today’s Dallas Travers seminar after being sent an email by Tammy D. (An ACG regular); Tammy had done the seminar herself, and was enthusiastic enough about it to spread the good word (Don’t know if she went on to take the six-week class or not. I’ll have to ask her).

Tammy’s very talented, quite proactive about her career, and has PR expertise besides, so I felt like that was a pretty good recommendation.

And even assuming today’s free seminar would be an extended sales pitch for the author’s books and classes and whatnot - cause we’re all here to make a living, after all - the price was right, and I figured, “If I get anything from this, it’ll be a better use of my time than...well, pretty much anything I’d be doing at home. So why not?”.

I’m not going to regurgitate the info Ms Travers gave our little group of 15 or so actors today, because I think that would be very boring (To the one or two of you still following along in here, bless your hearts).

But I will say that Ms Traver’s 90 minutes of inspiration was, indeed, very inspiring, And it didn’t really feel like 90 minutes of “Buy my shit”; it was more like a genuine “talk” about moving your career forward, with a relatively low-key sales pitch right at the end.

An interesting thing I took away from today’s workshop was that, while I don’t have to do as much as I think I do (In terms of marketing and whatnot), I really need to be doing more for my career than I’m doing (Her thing was “Do less, more often” - Don’t carpet-bomb every tv casting director with your headshots, for example; instead, do some homework, pick ten casting people you really want to be seen by, and hit them hard. A lot of the more practical information had that kind of “work smarter, not harder” feel to it).

The mix of Eastern thought, self-help/positive thinking, marketing advice, and Man On Wire references worked for me.

It worked well enough that I was beyond “torn” when the talk ended, and the pitch for the six week “Coop” class began.

I want to take the class.

It would be a good dose of advice, encouragement, and support, in an area where I feel exceedingly weak (Other than casting workshops, I’ve done little or nothing to promote my career over the years. I could do a series of entries on why that might be the case, but it’s really immaterial - the point is, I need to figure out what I really want, and get my act together).

But how can I take this class? My savings are dwindling down to nothing, I have a part time job that doesn’t come close to paying the bills, and I’ve already spent hundreds of dollars I don’t have on acting-related shit in just the first six weeks of the year (Headshots, the IO West class next month, and most recently, a special two-week ACG workshop with Jeffrey Gaffner at CBS).

I know I’ve been telling myself I have to be “bold”, do what I need to do for my career and “worry about where the money is going to come from later”. But, man oh man, is that ever easier to say than it is to do!

I want to be “bold”. I want to be more proactive about my career.

But I don’t want to be the boldest, most proactive homeless man in LA either.

So I didn’t sign up for the class (Which is a little more than a month away).

But the application is tacked up on a bulletin board, right next to my calendar.

And I keep looking at it.

Wishing I knew what to do.


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