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12:29 am - 04.17.2008
Weight Watchers #24

Weight Watchers #24

Weds 4/16/08 (11:08 p.m.)

Well, this past Sunday’s WW weigh-in was - how do I say this? - not everything I’d hoped and dreamed it might be (As evidenced by my delay in writing this entry); two steps forward in the previous week (3.8 lbs lost), and one step back this week - I gained 1.6 lbs.

Which puts my current weight back at 222.4 lbs, 27 lbs from my “target”.

While it was disappointing - that’s the second biggest gain I’ve had since starting the program (One week I think I gained 2.4 lbs) - I can’t say I was surprised.

Unlike many weeks, where I genuinely don’t know what the scale will have in store for me, this week I knew I’d been “bad”; I didn’t have good stuff in the house till almost halfway into the week, did very badly on my water consumption, and struggled with my points (Which have become more of a struggle ever since going from 40 pts a day down to 36).

The best I was hoping for, as I got on the scale on Sunday, was to have at least maintained the previous week’s loss. But, alas, this was not my week to catch a break.

I’d been lazy, and hadn’t bought the fruits and veggies (And V8) I should always have in the house till midway through the week.

In addition, I was “in a bad place” emotionally, feeling angry, stressed, and depressed over the “availability thing” at ArcLight. And since I have an “emotional eating” issue, that made it more of a struggle to 1) Stay within my points, and 2) Not use up all my points on chips and fudgesicles and that sort of stuff.

So anyway, it wasn’t exactly a shocker that I gained. And while I wasn’t thrilled about it, I also didn’t feel like killing myself over it; I’m the kind of guy that never wants to have “a bad week” at a time like this, and always wants my “steps” to be steps forward.

But clearly, that ain’t how it works. That’s been pretty well established at this point.

And instead of only seeing “the black spot on the while sheet of paper”, as Jane might say, this time out, I was able to say, “Hey, other than that one black spot, this is a really white piece of paper...”.

But the big thing this week is that I inquired about working for WW (The time just seemed right, what with the ArcLight “availability” bullshit that’s going on).

Lynn, the group leader, was very enthusiastic about the idea - they’re always looking for “a few good men” at WW - and told me that while the pay at WW was nothing amazing (Comparable to ArcLight, it turns out), it’s very flexible - which is the big issue for me right now - and the benefits are great.

But beyond flexibility and benefits (And having it get me out of ArcLight), it might be nice to work somewhere where I can really “get behind” what they do, and have a chance to use my charismatic powers for good instead of evil.

You can’t work at WW till you’re “Lifetime” and have gone through the training, so it’s nothing that’s going to happen tomorrow. But it’s good to know that I don’t have to have a death-grip on ArcLight, for fear of ending up flipping burgers at McDonalds; there are other options available to me.


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