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1:51 pm - Tue 9/10/02
\"9-1-1\" and a few other things

"9-1-1" And A Few Other Things

I've been thinking about 9/11 (Or "9-1-1" as I sometimes catch myself calling it)...

The way the one-year anniversary has been remembered/celebrated/sold is bothering me.

I wish there were some things in this society I live in that were just "off limits" to marketing, things too big, too important to be sold like just another brand of potato chip.

But there aren't. If something can be sold, it will be sold.

It feels like everyone's selling 9/11, from publishers and media outlets, to politicians, to families of the victims.

Is nothing sacred?

(The answer to that rhetorical question is "Nope. There's money to be made. And what are you anyway, some kind of Communist?")


Lauren recently turned me onto a "blog" she thought I would (Mr Wheaton was the young star of Stand By Me and was "Wesley Crusher" in Star Trek; The Next Generation).

Wheaton is now 30, with a wife and two stepchildren. He seems like a genuinely good guy, the kind of person I might enjoy hanging out with (Though he makes me feel like I should be a better person than I am, which might make me uncomfortable).

But the "Wil" thing bugs me.

I think alternate spellings of common names are both annoying (To everyone who has to deal with the alternate spelling), and a stupid affectation (I'm still me, no matter if I call myself "Jhim", "Jm", or "Jym").

In "Wil's" defense, however, he may have had to do that (If there was a "Will Wheaton" already in SAG, for example).


Well, I don't know why it took me so long to do this, but I finally got in my request for vacation time (I'm taking off a week in next month, so I can spend time just resting and relaxing, then hanging out with Mark and Jane when they come out to visit).


But speaking of work stuff, I've gotta dash...


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