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12:22 pm - Thurs 2.24.2011
Hitting And Running

Hitting And Running

As is often the case, haven't given myself much time to do this - maybe less than usual - so I'm going to try and movie quickly...

Back to Dr A's office today - things do seem to be getting better, based both on what he's seeing when he looks in my throat, and how I'm actually feeling (Those two things haven't always "synched-up" as much as I would have liked).

So at this point, I'm still on the super-expensive antibiotic Avelox, and I have another appointment next month (I've run out of the post-surgery follow-up visits my insurance will foot the whole bill for, so I'm back to having to pay the co-pay).

Anyway, long story short, still not quite back to normal, but close enough to not bum me out.

Shot my bit on Jon Benjamin Has A Van on Friday.

My small part was actually even smaller than I thought - I got confused about a line I thought was mine, but actually belonged to the other "Priest" in the piece - and I think I've already bitched before about the relatively small payday.

But that said, it's a cute bit, a little different than I've done before, and we shot just in time for me to be invited to stick around for lunch (Chinese food)...which I did.

I've had two auditions since the "Jon Benjamin" auditions...and didn't book either of them.

One - for Secret Life Of The American Teenager - I didn't really care about that much, beyond losing out on a paycheck, and the fact that an actor friend of mine beat me out for it, and it's the second time I've lost a job to him (Which I find unacceptable)

But the other one, for Law And Order LA, was very disappointing.

I went in for the role of "Louis Roga", a homeless guy who's distraught over his girlfriend being in the path of a wildfire.

It was three lines, and it was one of the rare times where I didn't have an instant "take" on how I thought it should go; basically, I wasn't sure on how far to take his being upset.

But I was excited about it, because it was an actual, emotional scene, and when the time came (The audition was on Tuesday afternoon, at LA Center Studios, where I shot Mad Men), I was quite happy with how it went in the room.

...which is why it hurt worse than usual when I didn't get it - It's really tough to want something, feel like you did the best you could...and have it not happen.

But a happy note: I might have heard what I wanted to hear instead of what was actually said, but I think Haley (One of my Managers), when telling me the bad news, said they told her I was great, and that "bigger and better roles" were coming my way.

(If I misunderstood, and that was Haley saying "bigger and better roles" were on the way, that's one thing, but if a Casting Director is saying it, that's something else entirely. So, to soothe my wounded ego, I'm going to assume the casting people loved me, and will be having me in before long to read for one of those "bigger, better roles")

...and with that, I should probably go. I'm catching a movie with Howard at 1:50, then going from there to my Thursday night WW meeting.


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