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3:40 pm - Thurs 8/2/07
Out Of Orbit

Out Of Orbit

Well, sadly, the Orbitz thing didn't happen.

It's never a good idea to get your hopes up about any given audition, cause chances are, you're not going to get it.

But "easing the pain" a bit is the fact that I received a little surprise in the mail from JS earlier today--"holding fees" for the Propel, Coldstone, and Bahamavention spots, totaling over $1150.

(JS usually gives people a "heads up" when they have a check coming. Which is a good thing, so they can know to expect it, and let him know if they don't get it. But personally, it's sort of fun to get a little "gift" in the mail that you weren't expecting. But anyway...)

I'm running out of time for something interesting to happen between now and my trip back to Lansing, especially since I may get stuck on jury duty next week. But if I don't book anything new before then, it won't be the end-of-the-world; after all, it's not as if I haven't already had a good amount of success so far this year.

And besides, the people who are actually excited to see me want to see me, and not "Joe Hollywood".


A couple tv seasons ago, I made a concerted effort to see as many new shows/shows I hadn't seen before, as I possibly could.

It's a good idea: In addition to just a (relatively) fun, easy, cheap, lazy-man's hobby, it's part of my job (If you're an actor, and you get called in for a part on NCIS, for example, it's really to your advantage to have seen at least an episode of the show).

The new network season hasn't started up yet, but so far, on cable, I've seen...

1. The Closer
2. Psych
3. Saving Grace
4. Mad Men
5. A Side Order Of Life
6. State Of Mind
7. Damages

(I've also seen part of Burn Notice, and have a full episode waiting on my DVR.)

The only one of the listed shows I didn't really like was A Side Order Of Life; I didn't like the writing (It sounded like "writing"), and I wasn't nuts about the warmed-over Ally McBeal elements (i.e. the lead has an extended conversation with a baby at one point).

(That was always something I thought was a "wrong turn" on Ally McBeal--It's a funny idea to have "Ally" being shot full of arrows when her heart's been broken, for example, as a visual metaphor for what she's feeling. But it's not so funny when she's imagining things--like a creepy dancing baby, for example--and it's so real to her she wonders if she's losing her mind. Because if you can't distinguish what's in your head from what's actually happening "in real life", you're no longer adorably "quirky"; you're mentally ill.)

Well, I've got a lot more to write about, but between pissing the morning away, walking the dog (Oh yeah--I'm back to walking the dog again), and emailing a couple folks this afternoon, it's past my naptime (And I want to be awake for my workshop with Peter Pappas this evening).

Be well, fellow travelers...


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