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3:50 pm - Mon 5.12.2008
Weight Watchers #27

Weight Watchers #27

A very happy weigh-in at WW this Sunday - I lost 2.4 lbs this past week - pushing me past a milestone: I've now lost over 50 lbs since I started.

I was prepared to just do the weigh-in and jet off to work (Cause I had to go to an earlier meeting, since I was working during the day), but when Lynn told me there was a little WW "prize" and public pat-on-the-back involved when you pass 50 lbs, I decided to stay for the receiving of my prize and the public accolades, and if I was a little late to work, so be it.

(Cause I'm all about prizes and public accolades...)

Anyway, I'm now a shade over 218 lbs, which means 23 lbs to go to my "target".

This week's result marked another milestone of sorts; I've passed the weight I stalled out at the last time I tried to lose weight.

(After my surgical adventure in 2006, I decided to take advantage of the "jump-start" of a week-long liquid diet - while in the hospital - to lose weight, going from 239 lbs, after my first day or two in the hospital, to 220 lbs. I kept it off for months, before eventually giving up...and promptly ballooning to the mammoth dimensions that led me to Weight Watchers.)

Prior to that, I'd tried to lose weight when I was in Man Of LaMancha back in Lansing (In '95?), because I didn't like the idea of being a chunky "Don Quixote" (I'd lost a whopping 7 lbs by opening night; I don't remember my weight when I started, but I still wasn't the svelte "Don Quixote" I should have been).

One thing I want to get myself at some point is a decent scale (I have one I bought for a buck-and-a-half years back that I don't really trust). I want one that is accurate - of course - with a large digital display (I have trouble reading the ones with the little hash-marks), that does body-fat percentage and stuff like that.

I'm definitely going to want a good scale once I'm "Lifetime" at Weight Watchers, to help "keep me honest".

(Maybe when I score my next big gig...)

Seems I had some other semi-interesting thing to say about this week in weight loss, but I can't remember what it was...

Anyway, there it is. There's fifty lbs less "Jim" than when we started, with less than a third of the way to go.

Three cheers for me...!


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