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10:55 pm - 10.18.2012
It's A Wrap...Party
Weds 10/17/12 (8:49 pm)

It's A Wrap...Party

Wrote a couple paragraphs on a subject yesterday, and was just now about to take up where I left off, when I realized something - I could boil down what I was saying to one sentence:

Most shit is just not worth fighting about.

Moving on...

A short time ago, I RSVP’d for the 3rd season Shameless “wrap party”.

On Facebook yesterday - I think it was yesterday, anyway - I posted a status update that getting the invite in Monday’s mail was “bittersweet” (“bitter” because it means the season is over and I didn’t get much to do, which sucks artistically and financially; “sweet” because I’ve wanted to feel like enough a part of the show to be invited to the wrap party...and now here I am, invited to the wrap party. So... “bittersweet”).

I got a little bit of “pushback”, as I sometimes often do when I post a career-related update that’s anything less than 100% positive (“pushback” to the tune of “Dude, you’re an actor on tv! You’re ‘living the dream’! You should be thrilled!”).

I don’t want to waste a lot of time defending why I have the “right” not to be “thrilled” all the time even if I’m “living the dream”, or bemoaning how hard it is to communicate “nuance” in writing (Or how people “don’t get it” when I do), or to whine about how “no one understands me”, etc.

Cause it’s kinda not the point.

I’m having a hard time putting into words just what the point is... but it has something to do with figuring out the “appropriate” use of Facebook, not giving up on finding someone who will understand me (Instead of expecting 500+ Facebook “friends” to be a quality substitute), how best to “talk to myself”, and working on a more “helpful” way to relate to the world at large (For the benefit of my career, and just for my own personal mental health).


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