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1:28 pm - Mon 12/25/06
Xmas Day 2006

X-Mas Day 2006

In about a half-hour, I have to start getting ready for work (I'm working at Guest Services today, from 3-10. That's the bad news; the good news is that I'll be getting time-and-a-half).

Woke up this morning with a X-Mas call from Mark and Jane.

We talked for a long time, about their doings (The big story--another grandchild is on the way), and my hopes for 2007 (Cause other than the commercial, I don't really have anything "doing" right now).

Yesterday, I went to visit Cary and Kay and young Donovan.

Kay's mother Corinne was there as well, which was an extra treat (I get a kick out of her).

I got out of L.A. later than expected, after almost calling them to cancel (Not to get too much into the nitty-gritty, but I woke up having some gastric/eliminatory "issues" that left me thinking straying too far from a toilet might be a bad idea). But happily, things settled down enough for me to make the trek.

I bought Donovan a couple of stuffed-animal dinosaurs, which he seemed to like, and Cary and Kay a Borders gift certificate, while they added to my upcoming Target shopping spree with a gift certificate (Mark and Jane gave me one as well, so now my "Inner Child" is screaming "Candy and toys! Candy and toys!", while my "Inner Parent" is saying "Well, maybe one toy..."; I'll let you know who wins this particular debate).

Anyway, I enjoyed my time there. We had a very tasty meal, nice conversation, and I got to play a bit with the young'n, which I enjoyed.

I thought about it afterwards--Cary and Kay's is one of few places I go on a semi-regular basis where I just feel completely comfortable.

My only regret was--you guessed it--having to leave earlier than I wanted in order to go to work.

But happily again, work was really slow (This was a particularly nice thing, because I was doing a rare shift at snack bar, which is my least favorite place to be in the theater when it's busy).

So anyway, I had a little Xmas this year. I wouldn't have minded having a little more (I would like to have been able to do the Xmas thing today with Donald and Matt and company), but I'm pretty content with what I had. I got a little, I gave a little. Some people know I'm thinking about them during the holidays, and vice-versa.

I don't really need much more than that (Other than a Xmas vacation, which I'm not gonna get).

Well, it's about time for me to go...

Merry Xmas/Happy Hannukah/Krazy Kwanza to you. I know a number of people who read this journal, while there others I don't, but I hope you know that you make my life a little brighter through the year, just taking an interest in my ongoing misadventures.

So thanks! :)


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