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10:55 am - Fri 7.11.2008
An Agnostic's Serenity Prayer

An Agnostic's Serenity Prayer

When I'm having a hard time journaling - as I have been for awhile now - one trap I get into is crawling up my own ass, and spending a lot of time and energy journaling about how I'm having a hard time journaling.

Dull, dull stuff.

I just deleted five on six paragraphs on that very topic, because I was boring myself to death. And I have to believe that if it's boring me to write what I'm writing, it's going to bore you even more to read it.

But moving on...

Interestingly enough, considering what I just wrote, I recently started a new blog, something more acting-centric than Diaryland.

I'm not dazzled by the two entries I've written so far, but that's almost beside the point - I've been thinking about doing this forever, so just getting something on the page is a victory.

I don't know exactly what it's going to be just yet, but I have some ideas that I think are kind of interesting (And the idea is to make it something different from Diaryland. Otherwise, why bother?).

But right now, I only have a few minutes before I have to hop into the shower; I'm meeting John O. at the Grove for Hellboy II.

These are very uncertain times, for me in particular (What's going to happen with SAG and the Producers? When I am going to start getting regular auditions again? Am I going to end up at Weight Watchers, and if so, when? When am I going to lose that last twenty pounds?), and for the country in general (Are oil/gas prices going to just keep going up? Are we going to war with Iran next? Is America in a state of permanent decline now?).

What to do about all this?

Well, I guess I have to do my agnostic version of the "Serenity Prayer", and try to effect positive change when I can, accept it when I can't, and just do my best to keep moving forward.

More later...


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