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2:37 pm - Thurs 7.17.2008
If Only MY Battery Were So Easily Replaced

If Only MY Battery Were So Easily Replaced...

Well, color me disappointed - After going on about how much I enjoyed my audition yesterday (The one where I was playing a shoe saleman), and how I like that this particular casting office gives me the chance to do my best, it's looking like I didn't even get a callback.

(There was a notice up at the audition yesterday saying callbacks were today, and they'd be calling this morning if they wanted us. But anyway...)

Yesterday's audition was in Santa Monica.

And since I had the time, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make it my big exercise for the day by riding my bike there; I went down Wilshire to get there, which sucked (It's not terribly "bike-friendly" for good chunks of the way), and down Olympic most of the way back (Which was much more enjoyable).

So, round-trip, I biked about 29 miles; between that, and the two-hour walk I did the day before (Which got seriously un-fun about halfway through, when my back started acting up), I feel like I've more-than-made-up for blowing off exercising on Monday (This evening, I have to drop a headshot off with Molly at ACG, and I think I'm going to content myself with just getting off the Metro at Sunset and Vermont on the way back, and walking home from there, which takes me about an hour).


Having neither commercial audition this week pan out is particularly painful in light of certain "financial developments"; today, in the space of an hour or two, I spent almost $250 I would have preferred not to spend.

(Have I mentioned lately that this would be a really good time for me to book something? Or at least to have the AT&T commercial run? Or something along those lines?)

Went out to move my car today (To put it back on the "Thursday" side of the street after the street sweeper did its thing)...but my car wouldn't move. Wouldn't start at all.

While it's never a good thing when that happens, it could definitely have been worse: 1) At least it wasn't happening as I was trying to get to an audition or some other time-sensitive appointment, and 2) Horrifying visions of a giant repair bill were dancing in my head, but turned out I just had a dead battery ("Dead" as in "This battery needs to be replaced"). So while it was money I didn't want to spend, it was a cheap, easy fix. Which is how I'd like all my fixes to go.

And man do I love AAA!

There was a little mis-communication about exactly where I was located, but after we got that squared away, the AAA guy switched out my battery with the new one, no muss no fuss, and I was back in business in minutes.

Then a short time later, I went on the Staples website to order a new printer drum for my All-In-One.

Here's a gross question - When you have roaches, how do you get them out of something (Like, for example, an All-In-One), and keep them out, so you don't end up having to pay $109 for a new printer drum every six months or so because it's been gummed-up by bug stuff?

(The last time this happened, I tried to clean the printer drum with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol, as per the instructions in the manual...but it didn't take.)

Well, I actually wanted to write about "Reality Television" (Inspired by my friends most recent blog entry on the subject), because I think I have some vaguely interesting thoughts on the matter.

But it's going to have to keep, cause Jimmy needs a nap like no one's business.

Nitey-nite, my friends.


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