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10:15 am - Weds 4.02.2008
From Here To The Beach

From Here To The Beach

Like with my most recent "Weight Watchers" entry, I've been procrastinating on writing this "general" entry, and I don't really know why.


Monday I did something I've said I wanted to do for quite some time - I road my bike all the way to the beach and back.

It wasn't that much further than I've gone a time or two in the past, it turned out (Which is something Lauren P. told me when I first wrote about riding down Venice Blvd, liking it because it was flat and had a bike path pretty much the whole way).

I rode all the way down Venice to the beach - it took me less than two hours, at a fairly leisurely pace (I took a ten-minute "snack break" at one point)- then walked down the boardwalk for a bit, window-shopping and people watching, getting on the bike path by the ocean for awhile, before heading back, this time down Pico a good chunk of the way.

On the way back, I stopped at Kevin Smith's "Secret Stash" comic book shop (It's his second store - the first one's in his home town in New Jersey - located inside the Lazer Blazer video store), where I bought The New Frontier, parts I and II, a JLA "trade" I'd read about, because it was recently adapted as an animated dvd (I spent more than I'd intended on it, because I hadn't realized there was a Pt I and Pt. II).

I'd say it was a day off well spent.


Well, happily the "audition drought" seems to have ended...for now, anyway; I had a commercial audition (For Nissan) yesterday, and I have one for Orbit (The travel service) today.

I didn't feel very good about Nissan (Where I was playing a "Hot Dog Vendor", like on Monk), so I'm hoping I'll feel better about Orbit today, where I'll be playing the "head therapist" of a "travel behavior modification group", or something along those lines.

I'd really like to book another commercial or two right now; that would go a long way towards relieving the financial anxiety I've been feeling of late (Which reminds me - I've got to transfer some money into my checking account, so I can send the IRS that giant check they're expecting from me).

It would also help me to feel better about the ArcLight situation (The whole "availability" thing), just to have a concrete reminder that my financial existence doesn't necessarily hinge on whether I'm at ArcLight or not.

I'd actually like to write more - I haven't even touched on the fact that I've been doing the CPAP thing since Friday now - but I've gotta go get my car from the parking ramp at ArcLight, to get back in time to walk the dog and go to my audition.

Later on, people...


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