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11:09 pm - Mon 7.21.2008
Would You Buy Soup From This Guy?

Would You Buy Soup From This Man?

Had the Campbells callback today.

My callback time was 12:15, but I wasn't seen till almost 2:00 (Which means at some point in the future, I should be getting a small check for my inconvenience).

They went through all the attractive middle-aged couples first.

Not only was my African-American couple - from the first audition - not there, there were no African-American couples there at all, which I can only assume means "black folk" don't eat soup (Who knew?).

Then they started in with the "chefs".

I counted thirteen potential "chefs" - like the couples, all white, but also all over 6' tall, which I thought was a bit odd.

But once you got past all the white tall-ness, or the tall white-ness, there were an impressive range of chefs, from handsome guys, to blandly pleasant-looking "ordinary guys", to a couple "extreme character" types.

(Guess where I fell on the continuum...?)

When they finally started calling the "chefs" in, things moved very quickly - too quickly, it turned out; they sent me into the room at one point, only to immediately send me back out when they realized they'd called me in out-of-order.

At that point, I cursed them viciously for wasting my time, and stormed out.

(I'm kidding - I was gracious and charming about the whole thing. So charming, in fact, that if I were them, I would have cast me as "The Campbells Soup Chef" right then and there.)

When I did go back in, they had me slate, then told me to stir a pot of soup, pour something from a cup into the soup, then stir some more.

They gave me a few instructions - "hold the cup at shoulder level", "move around the table", etc. - and that was that.

I left, if anything, feeling worse than I had after the initial audition.

So since we've already established that my feelings don't necessarily mean anything in these situations, the depression I felt afterward could mean either I didn't get the job, or else I'm the new face of Campbells Soup.

Take your pick.


In addition to the Campbells callbacks, they were also doing an audition for Ross with attractive young actresses.

The same building also houses a modeling agency.

So if nothing else, there was seriously nice "girl-watching" to do while I waited forever-and-a-day for my chance to shine - from the MILFs who were auditioning for Campbells (One who looked strikingly like the Mimi Rogers of maybe a decade or so ago - I couldn't keep my eyes off her), to some of the very attractive Ross actresses (Much more attractive than anyone I've ever seen in a Ross), to the models who wondered in, confused and disoriented, looking for the entrance to the modeling agency (For the record, it's around the back).

It was more attractive womanhood than I've been exposed to in quite some time.


Well, it's late, and I'm pretty sure JS won't be calling me at this point to tell me I booked the gig, so I'm going to bed.

Good night, Mimi-Rogers-from-a-decade-or-so-ago, wherever you are...


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