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1:38 am - Thurs 11/20/03
Jim Hoffmaster, Dictator-for-Hire

Jim Hoffmaster, Dictator-for-Hire
Tues 11/18/03 (1:48 p.m.)

Well, seems all I had to do was get really depressed about the lack of commercial auditions lately, and voila! The commercial gods smile on me with two auditions today.

(I'm writing this after one, and before the other. There'll be a more detailed report on both later in this broadcast.)

Physically, feeling very tired today. But emotionally, I'm doing a little better.

Weds 11/19/03 (8:36 p.m.)

(Big tv nite–Watching Ed and West Wing while taping Smallville and Angel. Life may not be great, but for now, it's good enough.)

I am thinking about maybe a million things, and as usual, they're going to mostly cancel each other out, and I'll end up writing an entry that fails to completely satisfy.

But here goes nothing...

Both my auditions yesterday were opportunities, however small, to actually act. It was nice.

In the first one, for a music video for the band Incubus, I was a "dictator". I went in wearing my dress-up clothes, and basically had to improvise working on my "dictator moves" in front of a mirror.

I wasn't completely happy with how it went. I thought I had some good ideas—At one point, when I told my "audience" we "would form a mighty army", I stopped myself, thought for a moment, and changed it to "a mighty juggernaut" (Which was "the word of the day", according to the cameraman. Though when I think about it now, a "mighty juggernaut" is redundant, since a "juggernaut" would, by definition, be "mighty")–but I didn't think I fully committed to what I was doing. I didn't "think it through" before I went into the room (And when I got home, I realized I had done the audition with my fly open, which I actually found kind of funny–"See, even crazed dictators are human. They forget to zip up, just like the rest of us...").

Once again, I realized I need to be more focused (And I'm not just talking about the "open fly" gaffe). I need to become better at visualizing whatever it is I'm supposed to be looking at; unlike community theatre auditions, which I became pretty good at over the years, most commercial auditions don't involve acting with anyone, and instead often require you to see things that aren't there and respond to things that aren't happening, skills I'll need to develop if I want to be in Jurassic Part 10: Raptors On Broadway and that sort of thing.

(But with all this talk of what I need to get better at doing, I guess something went right, because I have a callback tomorrow afternoon!)

The other audition was for Sega; I had to run into a room and say "Superheroes! The city is under attack! We need your help!". Then when the camera reveals that our "superheroes" are old and fat and generally useless, the camera cuts to me and my expression, suggesting that the city is pretty much royally screwed..

I wasn't really happy with that one either–Though we did it three or four times-- but apparently, I'm not the best judge of what I'm doing, so who knows?

While neither are for "the big money", either would be fun to do (Probably Sega would be the more visible of the two, which is definitely an issue for me at this stage of the game).

(I would have had another audition yesterday, but they paged me for it in the middle of the afternoon–for an audition at 5:45–and since I was actually at work when I returned the page, I told them I couldn't do it.)

Tomorrow, in addition to the Incubus video callback (I've never heard of the band, but according to some of the guys at work, they suck), I have two more auditions–One for Nexium, where I'm a deli patron, and another for one of those anti-smoking "Truth" spots (The "Truth" spot would be pretty cool to get; definitely high-visibility stuff, and I can certainly get behind the message).

Well, I've got a whole mess of pop-culture things I wanted to write about, but it's gotten late, and I've got a big day tomorrow; I'd love to end the year by getting one more gig!

Nitey nite...


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