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9:56 pm - FRI 8.09.2013
In Spite Of That Fire Alarm Going Off In My Brain, Everything's Fine

In Spite Of That Fire Alarm Going Off In My Brain, Everything's Fine

Had an audition this afternoon, for a series of Internet commercials - Very dialogue-heavy, solo spots, with the actor playing the scenes straight to the camera.

There are five spots in all, I believe, and they told us to come in with two of them prepared...but of course, when I showed up at the audition, the board said pick one to do in the room (They also had a little one-line thing they wanted us to look at).

So, I was a little annoyed that half my prep was wasted effort - If I'd known I really only had one spot to prepare, that might have effected my choice to take off work this morning - but as always, "all will be forgiven" if/when I book the gig.

Anyway, it seemed to go well - The camera guy worked with me, was friendly, and seemed pleased with what happened (And I felt pretty good about it myself).

On the way home, I caught myself thinking, "C'mon Jim - book one of these things already...!".

So, clearly lacking some perspective on things, I had to give myself a little "talking-to"...

(Which I will share with you now.)

From last month until today, I have had five auditions; of those five, I got a callback from one (The VW commercial), almost booked another one (2 Broke Girls), and two more (The Clint Eastwood movie and today's Internet commercial spots) are still "in play".

That's really not bad.

What I'm doing here is exactly what I told someone (Howard, probably) I'd run the risk of doing; in reassuring myself, "I can get through this little drought of auditions. It's not gonna be long - things will start picking up by end of July/early August", when that time came, I'd end up putting crazy pressure on the circumstances - and on myself - to produce.


We're moving into the last quarter of the year, and being who I am, the "ticking of the clock" sounds more like a fire-alarm.

But my anxious nature notwithstanding, objectively, things are going pretty well - I'm getting auditions (3 auditions in a week's time is really good for me), and I'm getting good results.

There's every reason to assume "there's more where that came from", and I'll land enough gigs in the coming months to make 2013 a year I can be proud of.


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