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10:39 pm - Tues 8.05.2008
Flogging My Blog

Flogging My Blog (Not As Dirty As It Sounds)

Well, I was supposed to have a workshop tonite, but it was canceled due to lack-of-interest (only four people signed up).

So I took the opportunity to see The Dark Knight again.

I'd wanted to see The Dark Knight again - it definitely merits a second viewing - but I was also taking the opportunity to check out a new theater.

A new theater to me anyway - I just found out, to my utter amazement, that there's been a movie theater (The M Park 4) just four blocks from my apartment...for the past two years.

I'm still trying to work out how such a thing could happen (Part of how such a thing could happen is that it wasn't listed on till just recently. Beyond that, I'm kinda stumped. I mean, really - four blocks?).

But anyway, there's a movie theater four blocks from my apartment, so I can no longer say, "There's not a single movie theater in all of Koreatown, and what's up with that? Don't Koreans like movies?".

Cause I really used to wonder about that (According to something I read one time, K-town is one of the most densely populated areas in the country. And it seems like some enterprising movie chain would want to make money off that density).

I actually liked The Dark Knight better the second time around (I'm a "Batman" guy from way back - at five, I was the perfect age for the old Batman tv show with Adam West - and have been waiting all this time for the movies to do "Batman" right. And this movie comes pretty darned close).

And the Korean subtitles this time out didn't bother me at all after the first minute or two.

(And weighing in on "The Maggie Gyllenhall Question" - "hot" or "not"? - my vote is definitely "hot"; not conventionally beautiful, but it works for me, big-time.)


This past Sunday's Weight Watchers weigh-in went well, and now with just four lbs separating me from WW employment, I finally did their little online personality profile that I've been avoiding for weeks.

Here's what I had to say about it in an email to Jane today:

I finally did that online Weight Watchers quiz/profile/personality test/whatever you want to call it.

I hate those things! I find them really upsetting and demeaning - I don't want to be reduced to the results of a quiz, rejected because of some "formula", to feel like I have to lie, to hide who I really am, to get some job I know I can do, and do well (I'm sensitive to this issue, because I've done these things before, and never gotten "the call" for a job).

But to sound a hopeful note - The last session I had with Javier, I told him about my distaste for these personality profiles, and how I feared it was going to screw me up with Weight Watchers, and he said he actually did very badly on one one time, but someone knew him personally, so they called him in for an interview and hired him anyway (And he pointed out it was likely that would happen with me as well, since the boss has already met me, and was quite impressed).

If/when I start working at Weight Watchers, I'm still going to need things to start happening on the acting front, but at least it'll slow the money drain.

Anyway, I'm hoping it'll happen, because that quiz dented my confidence a bit - more than a bit, really - and reminded me that I've put a lot of weight, so to speak, on getting this Weight Watchers job (As opposed to another job like Borders or ArcLight); if it doesn't happen, and I continue to experience a drought of acting gigs...well, let's just plan on that not happening, shall we?


The new blog is going well (That's, if you haven't bookmarked it yet...).

To date, I've earned about $25 (I won't receive my first check till my accumulated earnings pass $100).

Not to beat it into the ground or anything, but thank you all again, all of you who've checked it out, and clicked on the ad. Please keep checking, and clicking

Right now, I'm doing an entry there about every other day. But I really want to get it up to daily, both to develop the discipline (Of daily writing), and simply to make sure that, as much as possible, when people come to the site, there's something new for them to read.

Yesterday, I put the word out in an email to everyone in my address book (Well, maybe half the people in my address book - I have a lot of bum addresses in there), to my "friends" on MySpace, and in here.

And honestly, it makes me uncomfortable to "hawk my wares" in such a fashion (To "flog my blog", as I said to Jane).

But what else should I do? Hide my blog under a bushel?

That's a weird thing about me - I definitely want to be noticed...but I don't want to have to "call attention to myself".

I've always been that way.

But speaking of the blog, I think I should work on a new entry...


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