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1:55 pm - Tues 6.03.2008
Why The Hell NOT?

Why The Hell Not?

Tues 6/3/08 (9:06 a.m.)

Well, it’s a start: Yesterday, I submitted some “writing samples” - three lightly-edited Diaryland entries - to, to be considered for one of their sites.

Basically, they host a number of writer/bloggger/video artist sites, for free, set everything up, and split the resulting ad revenue with you. All you have to do, supposedly, is provide the “content”.

If I’m to believe what it says on their website, a couple of things could happen as a result of this submission - they could just not respond (The most likely scenario, since they get hundreds of submissions a month), I could be contacted by one of their “editors”, if they see something in my writing worth working with, or they could just welcome me aboard..

(I’m a little suspicious of this “sounds too good to be true” website, and am wondering when someone, telling me what a “promising writer” I’d be with a little “help”, will start trying to lift my wallet. But if/when that happens, I’ll just say “No thanks, Asshole!”, and move on - no harm, no foul. But at this point, why not give it a whirl? What do I have to lose, besides another piece of my shaky faith in humanity?)

I’ve been second-guessing myself about the submission, thinking I should have tried to write some genuine “essays”, and not just “tweaked” a couple D-land entries (Or I should have at least cherry-picked more interesting D-land entries). But you know what? If someone actually reads what I sent, they’ll see exactly where I am right now, and make of that what they will.

Besides, if nothing happens, there’s no reason I can’t try it again, and either write that “genuine essay”, or else pick through D-land for something a little “juicier” (One of the main self-criticisms I have about my D-land work, for awhile now, is that it’s not nearly as “juicy” as it could/should be. My life, in ways, has gotten much more interesting, while my writing, paradoxically, has become more boring).

And in the meantime, there’s nothing stopping me from starting up something on Typepad or Blogspot, or both. Again, why the hell not?

Partly motivated by “researching what’s out there”, and partly to avoid “putting something out there” myself, I’ve been reading more blogs lately (Cause while I say “Why the hell not?”, there’s something very daunting about making the move from writing “just for fun” - or for whatever reason - to writing in hopes of turning a profit).

One blog I found via was Grace Undressed, a 27-year-old stripper, and extremely talented writer, giving us a clear-eyed view of her life and chosen profession .

Over a couple days, I compulsively read her complete archives. And while never much of a strip-club aficionado - I’ve always known I wasn’t going to get what I really wanted at a strip club - now that I’ve read “Grace’s” insights on stripping, and the men who frequent strip clubs, I don’t think I’ll ever go into a strip club again (I don’t think most men who go to strip clubs would want to know what strippers really think of them).

When I was finally up-to-date on “Grace”, I felt inadequate afterwards, thinking to myself, “She’s a way better writer than I am, with a more interesting life to write about...”. And people were getting her writing for free (Though at the suggestion of a couple of new readers, she’s recently put a Paypal “donation” link on her site).

But I’m not competing with “Grace” (I’m a pretty good dancer, mind you, but I have a feeling she’d kick my ass “working the pole”). Besides, as a writer, I’m not without my own “resources” - A certain slightly-above-average intelligence, a glimmer of humor, etc - and am living a life (middle-aged character actor trying to “make it” in Hollywood) that would certainly be of interest to at least some segment of the population.

I just have to have the courage to “put myself out there”, and the desire to work at becoming a better, more honest, more entertaining writer.

Cause really, why the hell not?


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