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5:58 pm - Fri 7.25.2008
All This, And A New Blog Too

All This, And A New Blog Too

I'm very curious about the internal mechanism that, whenever I tell myself to do something, makes that thing become the last thing in the world I want to do.

So instead of doing that "thing I told myself to do today", I've done just about the worst thing an actor can do - I've basically done nothing but wait by the phone, hoping for a call from JS (Or less likely, from Brett or Vicki) about an audition.

Not only is this tremendously unproductive, but thanks to the miracle of the cellphone, it doesn't even make sense.

But here we are.

And I actually just had a commercial audition yesterday, for Marshalls; it wasn't particularly fun - I was a worker on an assembly line - but at this point, "fun" is "frosting on the cake".

I just need a gig.

So anyway, this day's gone in the crapper, through nobody's fault but my own, but the weekend is looking pretty good; tomorrow I'm visiting Cary and Kay, and on Sunday, I'm doing the dinner thing at Molly and Jen's.

I have to head out - I'm biking to Target, to see if they have an "Iron Man" action figure, for Donovan tomorrow (who's apparently become an Iron Man fan, and who just had his 4th birthday last Wednesday; I'm also going to give him another batch of my old action figures) - but before I head out, I want to do a little "commercial" for myself.

I've started a new blog.

While the entries at this point read pretty much like entries I'd do here, I'm hoping, over time, to "branch out", and write not just about my own acting career, such as it is, but about acting in general, in what will hopefully be an interesting, entertaining, and perhaps even an informative manner.

Anyway, I have an ad on the website, via Google Adsense (It appears in the upper right-hand corner of the page).

So if you have a moment or two in your Internet day, and could visit that site and click on the ad - and maybe invite your friends and family to do the same - that would be the coolest.

But now I'm off to hunt for Iron Man.

Wish me luck.


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