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10:02 pm - Thurs 4/13/06
Well, Maybe NEXT Time...

Well, Maybe Next Time...

Thurs 4/13/06 (1:35 p.m.)

It’s Mark Z’s 70th B-day today...

Happily, the card I sent “priority mail”–because I snoozed on getting it out sooner-actually did arrive in today’s mail.

(My sending a card is a bigger deal than it might seem at first, since I have the lifelong habit of never remembering anyone’s birthday. But anyway...)

Happy Birthday, Mark. And thanks for all the friendship and stuff.


Well, the thing I went in for on Monday–the security guard role in Minor Accomplishments–has likely already been cast at this point, but if not, I assume it will be by today or tomorrow.

Before I went in for it, I told myself the situation was “win-win”, whether I got the role or not: I wanted the job, don’t get me wrong, but if I didn’t get it, I still got to go in and read, which was pretty cool. And whether I won or lost this particular role, I’d now be “on the radar” with Ivy Isenberg and Paul Weber Casting.

While nothing is guaranteed, I have a feeling I’ll be back in that office before too long, to read for something. I just felt a good “vibe” with Ivy, and I think she’s going to remember me.

Hope so, anyway...


Two important food things for me to remember:

1. Kipper doesn’t like Purina Cat Chow (At least not the “Complete Formula”)

2. Lucky Charms gives me diarrhea (And that isn’t “lucky” or “charming”)


Earlier, someone from work called me, asking if I’d work their shift this evening.

I probably should have–It’s not like I have anything going on tonite–but this past week I worked an eight-hour day and two closings, and I just didn’t want to. Besides, I don’t have any clean uniform clothes, and I’m feeling too lazy today to do laundry.

To be honest, I think I was also kind of pissed at him, for not being JS, calling to tell me I’d gotten the Minor Accomplishments gig.

And now, since I told the guy I “couldn’t” work for him–without telling him why– I can’t go there and see a movie today, which sucks. But fortunately, I have a “Plan B”–Inside Man is playing at the Los Feliz 3, and not at the ArcLight, so I can go see that instead, and it’ll only cost me $4.50. That is, if they haven’t raised the matinee prices since I was last there, sometime last year.)


In all the excitement about getting the tv audition, I’ve neglected to mention that I had a commercial audition last Thursday I felt pretty good about.

It was for Las Vegas tourism, and I left feeling like “I could book this...” (It helped that the casting person let the two of us–the scene was two guys on stair climbers at the gym–do the scene a couple times. I like when I leave feeling like I was given every opportunity to do my best).

And yesterday, I had an audition for a Sprint spot. That one I didn’t feel very good about, for some reason, but who knows? It would be a very tasty booking, so I’m hoping I’m wrong in my feeling that I sucked a little bit.

(Callbacks for both are scheduled for next week, and I expect to get called back for at least one of them. Probably the one where I didn't suck. But again, who knows?)


Today, I’ve been watching the “supplemental materials” on my Chasing Amy dvd, and it reminds me of something I’ve wanted to write about in here, something that was deeply depressing when I first started working at ArcLight...

Dwight Ewell, who plays “Hooper” in the movie, works in the café at the theater.

I couldn’t believe it at first. I just kept looking at the guy, trying not to look like I was staring while definitely staring, and all the time thinking to myself, “Is that the guy from Chasing Amy, or does he just look like the guy from Chasing Amy...?” Finally, I asked a coworker, and they verified that it was indeed, “the guy from Chasing Amy”.

If you dream of making a living as an actor, and hope that “one good role” will be the start of a long, successful career, it’s pretty discouraging to see someone get that “one good role”...and be working as a waiter.

(6:41 p.m.)

No call from JS today...

That's probably that--"Minor Accomplishments", in all likelihood, is not going to be my second tv job--and yes, I'm disappointed, but life goes on.

(And as if to add insult to injury, just as I wrote that, an AT&T commercial came on--One of a wave of commercials lately that I auditioned for...and didn't get.)

But disappointment aside, this still has to be seen as a positive development; I got an audition in a television casting director's office based on what she saw me do, I think I made a very good impression, personally and professionally, and I was seen by the producers (Laura Kightlinger, Bob Balaban, and Kevin Spacey), who will no doubt be producing other things in the future.

Getting the job would have been nice, but I have a feeling this experience will have additional positive benefit somewhere down the road.

Just a feeling.

And in the meantime, I'll just have to look forward to the next tv audition...

(My first tv audition and my second were years apart, while my second and third were less than four months apart. That alone seems like something to feel good about--Now if we can just get it down to a week or two between auditions...)


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