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5:05 pm - 11.23.2008
Photoshop Me, Baby!

Photoshop Me, Baby! (Alternate Title: The "Cool Beans" Outcome)

(Haven't given myself time to write a full-on entry here, but wanted to take at least a moment, because this particular bit of "reportage" is going to be stale come sometime tomorrow morning...)


Got a call from JS early Friday evening, telling me I was "on avail" for a print job (I forget the product).

Then I quickly went from "on avail" to booking the job (The job, by the way, isn't something I was called in for, and, far as I know, wasn't something JS submitted me for - I think the casting person saw my picture online and went from there).

The only trouble (In my mind, anyway)?

JS hadn't told them about my head.

It's probably nothing. Or at least not that much of something; the wound, including the two pressure bandages, covers about a square inch of forehead acreage, and that's the kind of thing they invented Photoshop for, right?

But worrier - and basically honest guy - that I am, I was uncomfortable with going in the day of the shoot without them knowing the deal.

Like I said, it's probably nothing, but I felt I was in (And still am in) a very awkward, uncomfortable position - I sure as hell don't want to miss out on a $1000 gig, but I also don't want to be someone's future anecdote about irresponsible actors ("And when the guy came in, we found out he'd just had eight stitches in his forehead - just had them removed a couple days ago - and hadn't told anyone about it...").

I don't want to be that actor, because I'm not that actor.

So I communicated my discomfort to JS, and he went back to the casting person with the info about my forehead (Changing the details a bit, so as not to seem like he'd lied-by-omission the first time around).

So, long story short, on Saturday morning, JS took some digital pictures of my head, and sent them to someone on the production; Basically, the agency and the client and the photographer all have to have a big meeting about my head, to see if they can deal with my defect.

And I've spent a lot of time, over the past couple days, thinking I should probably have swallowed any "ethical concerns" about the situation, and forced them to just deal with me when I went in the day of the shoot.

Cause a thousand bucks is a thousand bucks.

But now JS is waiting to get word, which means I'm waiting to get word, about whether it's a "go" for Tuesday.

If it is, cool beans, and "Yay me!" me for wanting to be a good guy.

If it's not...well, I'm not sure I'm going to like the lessons to be drawn from that.

Anyway, wish me luck for the "Cool Beans" outcome.

(And now I'm off to Sunday dinner...)


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