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4:59 pm - Tues 9/5/06
Resisting \"Resistance\"

Resisting Resistance

Was back at the QueensCare clinic today, for a blood test.

They wanted a urine sample beforehand, which left me in the odd, embarrassing position of being in the waiting room with my little cup of pee for 10 or 15 minutes before I was called in for the blood test.

(I could tell the old hispanic woman across from me was grossed out; she kept quickly looking at the cup, then looking away.)

But pee-related embarrassment aside, I was in and our relatively quickly, which was nice.

(I'm back on the 25th for a follow-up.)


Still haven't gotten myself to the mental health clinic yet.

I seem to be "resistant" to the idea.

I'm going to go, nevertheless. If nothing else, I could use someplace to vent on a weekly basis.


Still haven't gotten myself to a food bank yet.

I seem to be "resistant" to the idea.

But if I don't want to get a second job (And if I can't think of a better paying single job), I've gotta do something. And "food" is about the only expense I have that I can do anything about.


And now I'm "resistant" to the idea of going to work...but go to work I must.

See ya later...


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