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9:24 AM - Sun10.17.21

Let It Be Noted: Things Are Going Well

I'm sure I've said it before - many times before, actually - but once again, it strikes me that it's important to take note when things are going well.

So let it be noted: Things are going well.

I ended up booking the commercial I was on avail for in my last entry (Which means, amongst other things, that I almost booked two commercials back-to-back this year - There was just one audition between this and the spot I shot a couple weeks ago).

It was suggested I'd be shooting for a couple days this time - which, based on the audition, seemed very weird (I performed a relatively simple action, so if that's all I was doing in the actual spot, how was it going to take two or three days to shoot it?) - but that's turned out to not be the case (The spot's been shooting since Friday - It's a three-day shoot - and I'll be doing my bit later today).

(The idea that I was shooting for a couple of days was appealing since that would mean more money. So it turning out to not be the case is a little disappointing...but balanced out by the fact that they'll be paying a premium to have me working on Sunday.)

Friday I went to the location - Which is so close to me I could walk to it if I had to - for my fitting.

And while I know this doesn't necessarily follow, I took the experience as a positive harbinger of things to come - unlike the last time (Where I spent five hours at the place, mostly cooling my heels), I was trying on things within minutes after I got there and was done in 45 minutes.

After that, they had me fill out my paperwork (Contract and tax stuff) and I was on my way (I'd had a COVID test the day before and they thought I'd need to get another one - That turned out not to be the case, but I wouldn't be surprised if I had to do one on-set today, which is fine).

Another nice little "grace note" of booking this spot - I worked with the Director of the spot on a FedEx commercial a million years ago.

Since that spot - back in 2005, I think it was - I've auditioned for that Director so many times I've lost track...and never booked a thing (On more than one occasion, I seriously considered telling my agent not to submit me for his things, since he clearly didn't like me and was just tormenting me by constantly bringing me in and not casting me).

So it's very gratifying to have broken that epic losing streak (I told Jane R. I was considering joking to the Director about said "epic losing streak", but she suggested I not do that. And after careful consideration, I've decided to follow her wise counsel).

In any case, I am expecting to have a good time today, whether it's a quick-and-efficient affair, or whether I'm hanging out for a while before doing my thing (Last time, I made the mistake of forgetting to pack a charger in my bag, so I was worried about my phone running out of juice. So this time, I'm going to take extra care to bring everything I could possibly want or need to the location - That way, if I end up "cooling my heels" for a while, I've got things to do and aren't just twiddling my thumbs).

The other thing that's going on these days is that Jane is heading back to Santa Fe tomorrow.

As always, I've really enjoyed having her around and will miss her when she's gone (And she's gonna be gone for the rest of the year).

And while her leaving could be/would normally be cause for sadness, I'm trying hard to 1. Not "miss her before she's gone", 2. Remind myself that even when she's not here, we're in pretty much daily contact, and 3. Try to see her leaving as an opportunity to work on keeping myself mentally/creatively/socially engaged under my own head-of-steam and not just leaning on her to meet those needs.

...and on that note, it's gotten late enough that I should finish getting ready for the thing (I've been multi-tasking while doing this, also watching Talk Heathen on YouTube and packing a backpack with books and toys and crayons in case I need to start "keeping myself mentally and creatively engaged" starting this afternoon).

Till next time...



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