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9:18 am - Thurs 11/22/07
Two In A Day

Two In A Day

Mon 11/19/07 (5:22 p.m.)

Just got a call from Vicki (aka Direct Talent) a short time ago.

I have another theatrical audition tomorrow – I’m going in again for Moonlight (Last time was the “Butler” audition I wasn’t thrilled about) - for the role of “Minister”.

It’s a nice little bit, performing a graveside service (Which is why I’m now doing a load of wash - to have some black pants to go with my black suit coat).

That’s at 10:00 a.m.

The Eli Stone “cabdriver” audition is at 4:15.

While there’s not as much to it as the “Minister”, it’s also kind of a fun bit - The title character is having some sort of “vision”, imagining the cab racing towards a bridge that’s starting to buckle, when he snaps back to reality, and I say “I said, where are you going?”.

If I got to choose how these things happen, I wouldn’t choose having two theatrical auditions on the same day, at a time when it hurts quite a bit to walk (Even if the auditions themselves don’t require moving around, there’ll be a lot of walking involved in getting from here to there).

But at least I can still do them - the “cabdriver” is sitting, and the “minister” is just standing in one place (It’s not like they want my world-famous “wacky physical comedy”, or anything like that).

And it could be worse; what if Vicki had called, told me the audition was at 4:15, and I had to tell her I couldn’t do it...again? (This is only the second audition she’s gotten for me. And I had to pass on the first one, for The Shield, because it was the same day I shot Monk.)

And again, it’s cool that I’m going back to these places. I can’t imagine it’s because of my prodigous talent, because what have they seen of that? But at least I’m making some kind of impression (I think it’s primarily my “interesting look”, perhaps coupled with my pleasant, friendly demeanor. Or maybe it’s just my “interesting look”. Who knows?).

(Weds 4:36 p.m.)

(Just got back from Dennys, where I had a very enjoyable late lunch with Chris S.)

Yesterday’s auditions both went quite well.

I’ve said it before; unlike my community theater days, where I “knew” a given part was mine, the best I can hope for after an audition out here is to think “I don’t expect to get it...but it wouldn’t catch me by surprise if I did”. To feel like I did my best in the room, I have as good a shot as anyone else, and now it’s up to them.

And I left each audition yesterday thinking that very thing.

The first one up was the "Minister" on Moonlight.

The first time I did it, I was too “upbeat”, I guess. Or at least not “downbeat” enough

These are the lines:

We are gathered to celebrate the life of Josh Lindsey, whose journey has come to an end...While the event that has brought up together is nothing less than tragic, part of what makes life so invigorating is its finite nature. We are mortal. Our time is limited. It’s part of what allows us to love, and hurt, and in the end, inspires us to make the most of the time we are given...

On my first read, I may have played it too much like a commercial for “The Positive Side Of Death”.

The C.D. had me do it again, being more “somber”, and gave me direction actors love, but almost never get at these things - she told me I could find more places to pause, giving what I was saying time to sink in.

So I did that - I pitched my voice lower, used a more measured tone, and it was obvious she was very pleased with the second take (Me too. It was the nicest little piece of acting I’ve done in quite some time).

And while the second thing - as a “Cabdriver” on Eli Stone - was not as exciting (in terms of the opportunity to “act”), it was still clear, when I was in the room, that they liked me.

Both auditions were at casting offices I’ve been to a couple times before, and after yesterday, I felt pretty confident that even if I don’t book these gigs, they’ll be calling me back in for something else before too long.

(I think of that as "Second Prize"...if I don't end up winning the "First Prize", which is a booking)


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