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5:07 pm - Thurs 12/21/06
Postponing The Year End Wrap-Up

Postponing The Year End Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who's emailed or commented on seeing my commercial.

I checked it out online, of course, but last night, during a late-night viewing of Oprah, I saw it on tv for the first time.

Afterwards, I wondered why that was so much cooler than seeing it online. Then it hit me--I didn't grow up watching my computer.

Anyway, it was fun to see, and it's been cool having people report their "Jim sightings". But that said, I've been a bit disappointed that it's not airing on the Networks in prime-time (That's the big money).

(With any luck, that's its eventual destination.)

Speaking of commercials, I was surprised to get a call yesterday from JS, for a Legacy Foundation anti-smoking spot (Another "national").

The audition was this morning, and it was a lot of fun--The comedic premise of the spot (There were three scenarios, but I'm not sure if that means they're doing three spots) is that it might be hard re-learning the things you're used to doing while smoking (getting ready for work, driving, having a cup of coffee, etc), but it's worth it.

We were given the choice of which scenario we wanted to do, and told we could use the scripts as jumping-off points.

I choose to do the "morning routine" one, because I felt like it had the most "bang for the buck"; I fell out of bed, combed my hair and mustache with a toothbrush, and after trying to figure out what to do with an egg, I first gave it a tentative little lick, then put the whole thing in my mouth (The camera guy suggested another take where, after taking the egg out, I take a moment, then give it another try in my mouth. The second time, I stuck it in one cheek, for variety).

Anyway, callbacks are the fourth of January, so wish me luck (I'd like to book another commercial--or two or three--while the Bahamas spot is still running. Cause therein lies my exit from ArcLight).

It's nice to have a thing "in play" going into the New Year. It'll help get me through the coming slow weeks (I'm also assuming at this point that "Leatherheads"--the George Clooney movie--is also still "in play". I have no idea about the "turn-around time" on movie casting, but I know it can take awhile).


Due to circumstances, Cary and Kay are spending Xmas at home this year.

They invited me to their house, but regrettably, not only am I working at the theater Xmas day, they've actually scheduled me for a mid-shift at Guest Services. Meaning I'm pretty much screwed for doing anything that day (I'd been invited back to have Xmas dinner with Don and the guys--where I did Thanksgiving--and had accepted, before hearing Cary and Kay would be available for holiday merriment, but my mid-shiftitude makes even that plan unworkable).

But, I just talked to Cary a short time ago, and it looks like I'm going to go up on Sunday and spend some time with them before work.


Well, I actually feel pretty "chatty" right now, but there's nothing but re-runs on tv tonite, so I'm going to the theater to catch a couple movies, and I've gotta dash.


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