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10:12 pm - Sun 6.08.2008
Weight Watchers #31

Weight Watchers #31

Well, since I weighed myself last night at Molly & Jen's house - where I was attending a barbecue - and the scale said 220 lbs and change (YIKES!), I was relieved my WW weigh-in this morning wasn't worse.

According to the WW "scale of record", I'm actually 217.2 lbs, which puts me a whopping .2 lbs down from last week (When I had gained .8 lbs; the week before that, I lost a glorious 3.8 lbs, a loss which is starting to seem like ancient history now).

Things could definitely have been worse (Even before weighing myself on Jen and Molly's messed-up scale last night, I worried about how I was going to do this week), but I'm still a little frustrated - I don't want weeks going by without my getting any closer to my goal, particularly in light of there actually being a clear goal now, in addition to just losing the weight (i.e. The job at WW).

But I'm going to get there (To the WW job, and to my "goal" of 195 lbs). It's pretty much a "given" at this point - not an "if", but a "when".

I just want the "when" to be now.

Last night I realized, again, that it's much easier doing the "flex plan" when you don't have a social life; at yesterday's barbecue, I was eating shish -kabobs like they were going to be outlawed the next day (And no, I can't imagine shish-kabobs are that bad, being mostly veggies and all. But gorging on anything, to the point where you end up feeling a little sick, doesn't seem like a good idea when you're trying to lose weight. Or at any time, really).

Part of that gorging impulse was, for sure, that "them shisk-kabobs wuz tasty!" (And I haven't had steak in quite awhile).

But I've also got this weird thing about free food; far as I can remember, I've never gone hungry in any serious way, but you sure wouldn't know it by how I respond to free food. I really do react to it, emotionally, like a starving man, who's got to eat as much as possible before it goes away. It's definitely more of a struggle to control myself in a situation like last night than when I'm at a restaurant, or at home.

So, it's something to work on.

Anyhow, here's to actually losing some weight this coming week...!


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