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3:45 am - Tues 12/4/07
Weight Watchers #6
Tues 12/4/07 (2:04 a.m.)

Weight Watchers #6

If I havenít exactly rushed to Diaryland to report on this past Saturdayís weigh-in, itís because it was pretty damned disappointing.

I lost a whopping .2 lbs

Since I was disappointed when I only lost 1.6 lbs a couple weeks earlier, you can imagine how I felt this time out.

But I didnít burst into tears or curse a blue streak or throw the scale out the window, or anything like that. I just said something like ďwell, thatís disappointing...Ē, and took my seat.

Well, on the bright side, at least I didnít gain anything. And now I can tell people that Iíve lost twenty pounds without fudging my stats (That .2 put me right at the 20 lb. mark).

But Iím hoping this past Saturday was just a glitch, and not the new order of things.

While I donít really think my results this past week were because of anything I did or didnít do - itís just my body fighting back against my efforts to ďstarveĒ it - I still think thereís room for improvement in how Iím doing this WW thing.

Mainly, I need to drink more water, and get in more fruits and vegetables. Iím doing pretty well, I really am, particularly compared to how I used to eat. But ďpretty wellĒ is not good enough for my purposes (which are to lose another 48+ lbs, and be a healthier guy in general).

And I need to pick it up on the exercise end, particularly with the cardio.
Things are going well. Very well, actually.

But if I could do better, that would be good too.


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